Building Trust, Building Success: Web Design for Tradesmen & Contractors

We can help you:

✅ Showcase your expertise: We help highlight your qualifications, certifications, and experience with clear, concise messaging and visuals.

Build trust with testimonials: Let satisfied clients tell their stories, demonstrating the quality of your work and your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Showcase your portfolio: Feature high-quality images and videos of your completed projects, showcasing your craftsmanship and versatility.

✅ Increase Your Presence Locally: We’ll ensure your website appears in relevant local searches, making it easier for potential clients in your area to find you.

Grow Your Business: We make it easy for potential clients to contact you through forms, calls to action, and prominent contact information.

Often clients hesitate to call, unsure if you're the right professional for the job.

We specialise in crafting powerful websites for tradesmen and women.  Our focus is on building immediate trust and credibility to attract your ideal clients.

We understand the unique challenges you face getting your name out there, and we know how to translate your expertise and experience into a website that resonates with customers. 

Our focus is on setting you up for long-term success.

Once your website is live – we stay on hand. Our mission is to build lasting partnerships with clients to support their businesses as they grow. 

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Our aim is simple: to arm you with the information you need to avoid costly mistakes and take confident steps forward. Whether you choose to work with us afterward is entirely up to you. Either way, we hope to make your next steps considerably easier.

Client Reviews

Chris Bollen

‘I’m still in awe at how you managed to encapsulate a whole business off the back of a fairly brief call and turn it into a website.’

Clare Winskill

‘What sets Cheo apart is their ever-present support and quick response. Their assistance isn’t confined to just technical matters; they offer exceptional business-aligned advice that is both insightful and actionable.’

Michael Smith

‘We’ve already recommended Cheo to our friends at Eòlach Catering, who have recently engaged Cheo’s services.’

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Alistair Danter

Accomodation Owner

‘From the creativity to the nuts and bolts of the “back end” David has helped us to create a website that helps us to share our croft and holiday letting business with folk from around the world. Running your own business the work is never done ………… having David sort the website means we get a breather…………. And the right guests!’

Andrew Allan

Managing Director - Manufacturing

‘We were looking for a light refresh of Clansman’s website design with a focus on improving our global website speed and presence on Google. We are pleased to report that we are currently showing on Google’s main pages for searches relating to our main products. David also offered relevant industry analysis and insights so that we could enhance our LinkedIn messaging. He offered simple-to-use templates and content suggestions, that have provided a consistent industry focused structure to work from to create content in house.’


Accomodation Owner

‘Absolutely thrilled with the website created by Cheo. Not only is the design visually stunning, but it has also generated far in excess of our initial investment. We’ve experienced consistent cash flow throughout the year due to direct upfront paid bookings. Highly recommend!’

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