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Digital Transformation and Membership Growth

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Website, Content Production and Social Media Campaigns

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Rapid Turn Around Website Production for Survey

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SkyeConnect Membership Growth and Digital Transformation

‘David’s work transformed the online presence and engagement of SkyeConnect locally. He was on hand to offer advice whenever called upon. Our membership revenue success has allowed us to invest more in marketing local businesses to a national and international audience. David’s work on the ‘Island Of Adventure’ Campaign exceeded our funding objectives in terms of reach and cost, and we plan to emulate this success going forward.’  – Alistair Danter, SkyeConnect Project Manager

Within one year, we helped SkyeConnect more than triple their membership revenue, created a marketing platform for SkyeConnect businesses, and increased membership uptake in SkyeConnect through effective communication of membership benefits.

SkyeConnect is a community-interest company working as the destination management organisation for the Isle of Skye. They rely on membership revenue to undertake marketing work for the island. SkyeConnect hosts regular industry events and lobbies the government on important local economic issues.

SkyeConnect’s objectives were to increase membership revenue, increase the marketing reach of member businesses and promote Skye & Raasay as a year-round destination. 

We helped SkyeConnect achieve this in several easily replicable steps;


We simplified SkyeConnect’s membership pricing by creating 3 easily identifiable membership tiers. Each tier had its own price point and unique benefits.


We replaced SkyeConnect’s onerous and outdated invoice payment system with automatic online recurring payments. Members could choose between monthly and yearly pricing options. This provides a reliable and consistent income stream throughout the year – this automates a number of administrative tasks. 


We built and implemented a new membership website that clearly communicated SkyeConnects membership benefits to local businesses. The website made it very easy to find out more information and sign-up as a member.


We refined SkyeConnect’s messaging, focusing on producing a consistent style of branding and information that was highly relevant to SkyeConnect’s target island audience. 


We curated a consistent online blog post and email schedule with relevant news updates and important information.

All social media posts linked to this blog, where SkyeConnect hosts all information on their own website. This drives all online traffic through the SkyeConnect website first, before linking to relevant information elsewhere.

This helped SkyeConnect become a trusted source of valuable information, and helps to present SkyeConnect’s value and its membership offer on regular basis to local people.

Project Management, Content Production And Social Ads Campaign

In late 2021, we took on the role of project management for SkyeConnects promotional ‘Island of Adventure Campaign’. We worked closely with SkyeConnect project manager Alistair Danter on what is believed to be Skye’s biggest social media campaign to date. The aim of the campaign was to encourage travellers from the UK to visit Skye in Winter and Spring and promote the Isle of Skye as a year-round destination.

We worked with Alistair from project inception, assisting with SkyeConnect’s successful VisitScotland funding application and liaising with video production companies.

We organised a video shooting schedule with local businesses and arranged a week of filming in the Isle of Skye. 

The footage was then curated and edited to suit social media format for social advertising. 

The Island of Adventure campaign was hugely successful, sharing Skye’s year round ‘Island of Adventure’ message and reaching 2.7 million people on Facebook & Instagram. We also helped increase SkyeConnects’ mailing list to close to 1000 signups. You can take a look at some of the footage created here

Website, Content Production And Social Ads Campaign
‘David provided a high quality service building the Skye Cycle Network website, Facebook page and linking to a Mailchimp survey. The site was well designed with good graphics with the work done efficiently and quickly. 
I would not hesitate in recommending him to other clients.’
– Mike Hyatt, SkyeCycleNewtork

Funded by the Scottish Government through Sustrans’ Places for Everyone programme, the Skye Cycle Network project aims to provide safe to use walking cycling and wheeling links both within and between communities on Skye.

The key to the success of the project was tapping into local knowledge of the local area to uncover potential routes that could be developed to better connect communities. 

We built in 2020 to help engage with the local community and share information on how to take part in the project. We produced several informational and instructional videos for local people and launched a social media campaign and poster campaign to raise the awareness of the project. 

The cycle network survey received close to 400 local responses that are now being used to form a prospective local development plan for the area. 


Rapid Turn Around Website Production for Survey

56 Degree Insight were conducting significant research project on the impact of housing issues on employers.  The research aimed not only to provide accurate data on the scale of the problem, but also seek solutions that will inform future lobbying of  Government’s and other public and private sector bodies.

The project required a a simple website to collect information from individuals looking to take part in the research project.

We able to deliver this within just a few days so that the project could get underway.

Skye and Lochalsh Survey 

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