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Looking for PAT Testing on Skye?

Need to meet new PAT testing requirements for your self-catering business? Don’t delay. Get in touch with Skye Plumber today. We’ll ensure your appliances comply with Highland Council regulations, helping you secure your license with ease.

About Us

Skye Plumber Rolf Napoli, began his plumbing journey in 1976, completing a four-year plumbing apprenticeship in Gibraltar with the Glasgow-based company, Whatlings Overseas. After gaining valuable experience both abroad and in Scotland, Rolf established his own business in 1986. Initially based in Inverness, family ties and a strong reputation led us to relocate to Portree in 1992. Now, with a plumbing and heating background spanning over 47 years, we have the expertise to guide you through and resolve most plumbing & heating installation needs.

At Skye Plumber, we aim to provide high-quality, reliable services, putting customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. Trust us to deliver solutions tailored to your needs because, at Skye Plumber, your comfort is our priority.

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Skye Plumber (Rolf) & Katherine Napoli

More About Our Skye Plumbing Services

Need PAT Testing in the Isle of Skye?

Skye Plumber provides thorough Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) for self-catering businesses. Our registered professionals will ensure your appliances comply with Highland Council regulations, helping you secure your license with minimal hassle.

Who can conduct a Legionnaires' Risk Assessment in the Isle of Skye?

Skye Plumber can conduct comprehensive Legionnaires’ risk assessments in the Isle of Skye. With our expertise, we ensure your property is safe and compliant with the latest regulations, particularly crucial for short-term let properties.

What Oil Heating System Maintenance services does Skye Plumber provide in the Isle of Skye?

Skye Plumber offers comprehensive maintenance services for oil heating systems across the Isle of Skye. Our expert team will ensure your system is running efficiently and safely, helping to extend its lifespan.

Does Skye Plumber offer Electric Central Heating Boiler Repairs in the Isle of Skye?

Yes, Skye Plumber provides reliable repair services for electric central heating boilers. Our team is equipped to promptly troubleshoot and rectify issues, ensuring your heating system in the Isle of Skye is back up and running swiftly.

Where can I get Solid Fuel Heating Advice in the Isle of Skye?

Skye Plumber is your local expert on solid fuel heating options. We can provide tailored advice to ensure you choose the best solution for your specific needs and circumstances in the Isle of Skye. 

Who offers comprehensive Plumbing Services in the Isle of Skye?

 Skye Plumber offers a range of plumbing services, from fixing leaking taps and burst pipes to managing more complex plumbing issues. No matter your plumbing needs in the Isle of Skye, we have you covered.

Looking for Bathroom and Shower Room Renovation services in the Isle of Skye?

Skye Plumber offers professional bathroom and shower room renovation services. Whether you’re looking to update fixtures or overhaul your entire bathroom, we can bring your vision to life on the Isle of Skye.