Pre-Designed Holiday Let Essentials Package

With our Essential Holiday Let Package, you’ll have an expertly managed, modern, fast, and mobile-friendly website for your business. Your website will;

Only £365

Holiday Let Essentials Package

Only £365

Gain More Control With A Wider Audience

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The In-Depth Detail

Your website will include 5 unique pages.

  • Your homepage with property details and amenities
  • Your location page,
  • An About Us/Nearby Activities Page
  • A Contact Us page.
  • A property reviews page. 

Take a look at for an example of how your website will be displayed. 

You can select your own colours and font.

If you do not have your own website address, we can set this up for you for free

If you would like a business email address, for example, we can set this up for you.

We can create a unique logo for your business or use your own logo on the site. 

Your visitors will be able to view and navigate through your website with speed and ease using a mobile, iPad or equivalent device.

Your website will be built and optimised to look great and perform well on all devices. We test your website before launch to ensure it works perfectly on mobile as well as desktop. If you notice anything that’s not right – we’ll fix it.

In some ways, websites are like plants (or cars!). They need to be looked after. Websites need regular software updates to make sure they are performing optimally. The longer you leave these updates and checks, the harder they are to repair. Not doing regular site health check and updates can slow down your websites.

Slow websites frustrate customers. We’ll keep on top of this for you—making regular checks and updates of your website to keep it up-to-date, fast and ready to capture your customers’ attention.

Your website needs to be organised carefully so that search engines (like Google & Bing) can understand the information included inside. The process of ensuring Google understands your site is called SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO involves quite a bit of research, and there’s no quick way to do this work. In fact, anyone offering a quick SEO solution should be treated with scepticism.

We work to understand what your potential customers are searching for online and make sure your site appears for these searches.

We recommend FREETOBOOK to keep costs and commissions down.

FREETOBOOK’s basic system is a free-to-use booking system to accept bookings for your business. This is a very simple system with great information, training, and support features to easily run your business.

We can undertake the initial set-up of this for you.

Alternatively, if you would like to use your own paid-for booking system, we can integrate it onto your website after it has been set up.

If you have a social media page for your business – we’ll make sure your website links to your social pages. 

We want to help you with the process of making the income from your holiday let as passive as can be. Our aim is to ensure working with is simple and frictionless.

Once we get the information and images we need, everything about your website will be taken care from there on in.

Your website will look great, your customers will find it easy to use and you’ll open up a new avenue to generate upfront cash to invest elsewhere.

Best of all you can start accepting direct bookings on your own terms.

As part of our service we’ll contact VisitScotland to create a listing for your business on their website. We can also connect your booking system so you can take booking directly from VisitScotlands customers. 

We Have a Streamlined System for Building Websites to keep costs low founder David is a former accountant with a keen eye for processes that save costs. 

Many of the processes for building a website are repetitive. The message and story of each business and website is unique but the internal technicalities of each website is quite similar. 

We’ve focused on developing a step by step process to refine these technical ‘back office’ repetitive tasks, to reduce building time and improve site performance. 

All our websites are built with care ‘by hand’, following the same system that cuts down on wasted time. We think of it as a lean and refined website production process. We do things methodically step by step. 

This is how we can keep our costs low and our quality high. If you find a better service for a better price – let us know!

You Can Access New Audiences and New Cash Flow.