Great Businesses Create Authentic Connections

‘Fàilte! (Welcome!) I am David—the face behind I have a passion for connecting with people from all over the world. I’ve spent the last 5 years launching travel experiences, working with award-winning businesses and helping projects communicate their passion online.’

Make Authentic Online Connections by Focusing on the Following Principles

In 2018, I switched from a career in finance and accounting to set up several travel experience businesses in the Isle of Skye. Before the pandemic, these local experiences received over 400 5-star reviews (only four 4-star reviews and a solitary 3-star – that one hurt!). I know how it feels to start a business from scratch, and how important online presentation and reputation is to any business owner.

I’ve taken what I learned from launching my own businesses and connecting with thousands of people in person and applied those lessons learned to how a businesses can communicate effectively online.

 If I could condense great online communication into 4 ‘principles’, they would be;





It’s your website’s job to communicate each of these principles in a simple way that your audience can understand.

Wherever you are in the world, a focus on these 4 aspects will ensure your business can stand out and make a lasting connection. 

Customers who sense these aspects will get more than they expected. They’ll feel a strong connection to your business. They will be loyal and – and perhaps best of all – forgiving of any mistakes. Your customers will want to support you by sharing their experiences with others online. The business robustness granted by offering great experiences and receiving great reviews is priceless.

 Focus on giving people more than they expected and you can’t go far wrong. This all starts with how you present yourself and your business online. 

Care & Passion

Your website must communicate the care and passion you have for your customers’ experience.

For example, for tourism businesses, guests are looking to feel immersed in your culture and story. Your website needs to show that you can give guests access to an experience they’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Moments of local hospitality, friendship, and connection are a gift that can transform any travel experience from one of awkwardness and ignorance to one that is inspiring and unforgettable. Kindness and insight shown by local people to visitors allows guests to fully immerse themselves in your local culture. It helps forge a connection between your guests, your business and your community that will remain strong.

This is exactly what guests are looking to experience when they travel somewhere new. So this is the story your website must tell. 


If your website can show that visitors will gain feel connect to your culture and community, guests will feel compelled to buy from you. They won’t want to miss out.

The aim of my experience business was to share local stories, local products and recommendations. Most importantly though, I set out to give guests an emotional and social connection to the Isle of Skye, local people, and fellow visitors.

Guests were to leave feeling like they had an experience they couldn’t possibly have found anywhere else. They went home with unique photographs, an understanding of local culture and a connection to Skye that 99% of visitors to the island would never have. They went home with stories of exploring with a Scottish guy who poured them a few drams of whisky and shared shortbread, as they watched the sunset over Raasay. All this whilst listening to local stories and sharing their own.

The business couldn’t have been simpler, but its impact on visitors’ experience was huge. Allowing my customers to feel like ‘insiders’ resulted in an incredible response. 

Reviews Reflect exactly what you set out to Achieve. The Journey Starts With Authentic Online Messaging.

Connection is here to help your business connect with customers in a meaningful way. We’re here to help you showcase your offer on a website that can connect with visitors.

Having spent thousands of hours 1 to 1 with visitors, I slowly developed a crystal clear insight into a guest’s real reason for travelling. I can help you identify the aspects of your business that are most likely to resonate with your customers. 

Your guests want to feel part of a place that some have waited a lifetime to visit.

Guests want to feel like they know more than other visitors. They want connections other travellers miss. They want to share stories and pictures that other people don’t have. They want to feel at home.

Your customers are online right now looking for businesses – like yours – that can give them that authentic connection to your home, your culture and community.

Your website can reach them, and we’d love to help you with that.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope we can work together soon!

– David

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